Epilepsy Helmets

A slightly different post from the usual stuff i’ve been posting recently. As you may or may not know, My little boy Thomas suffers from Epilepsy. He has recently been having an increase in his “Drop Seizures” which is very dangerous as he regularly hurts himself.

Tom Helmet

Epilepsy Helmets / Seizure Helmets

The reason for posting is this… There is not a lot of information on the internet regarding epilepsy helmets & epilepsy protective headgear for sufferers of “Atonic Seizures“. Thomas has to wear a “Scrum” type epilepsy helmet (also called seizure helmet) with a chin guard everywhere he goes. Check the photo out, (Yes he is very cheeky).

There aren’t many companies making these seizure helmets, the photo example isn’t a particularly well made helmet either. We have had all sorts of problems with getting him a decent epilepsy helmet through the Queens Medical Centre in Nottingham. The company they used to use was useless… (used to use is the key here…) This company were forever getting the measurements wrong, and the epilepsy helmets (Like the one pictured here) were very poor quality and not easily cleaned.

Since these mistakes have been made, the Orthotics Department at the hospital have changed the suppliers. and now use a company called Dudley Surgical Appliances – http://www.dsa-orthotics.co.uk/.

Dudley Surgical Appliances – Seizure Helmets

I have been very impressed with this company, they have produced a higher quality epilepsy helmet for him, and we even met the Managing Director who personally oversaw the manufacture of Thomas’ helmet.

They got the measurements spot on, they delivered the helmet on time unlike the old company (who shall remain nameless). The overall quality of the helmet is excellent. We have had a few teething problems with it, the chin straps seem to be stretching due to them being made from leather but this will be rectified im sure.

I would highly reccomend this company. If you are looking at getting a helmet for yourself or a loved one visit their site and contact them or discuss them with your hospital & epilepsy nurses. Contact them about your Epilepsy Protective Helmets.

A Closer Look.

And so a closer look at the seizure helmet made by DSA. As you can see comparing these photos to the photo above, it is a lot higher quality.





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8 Responses to “ Epilepsy Helmets ”

  1. Nice post mate. Glad to see the new helmet fits, it looks great and such improvement on the old one.

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  4. John Murphy says:

    Thomas looks like a great little chap, chose a great colour, would that have been due to a football allegience? LFC I hope

    My wife Jayne has Tonic & Atonic and complex Epilepsy. she has been wearing helmets for about 4 years now. Her injury list includes fractured spine, brain haemorrage, broken jaw, severe scalds, broken toe, and lots of head cuts. I would say the 2 main helmets she has had have saved her life at least 20 times and maybe upto 40 or more.
    The damage list includes 5 cooker doors, 1 dishwasher door 6 cupboard handles, 2 walls, 3 plastic bins and a magazine rack. I could put that to 12 days of christmas music.

    I dont know who has made the Helmets, the first tailor made was given to her at Chalfont, before that we tried a sparring helet and had looked at ice hocky, cricket. But they were only temporary and she didnt want to wear them, we only tried as it took months to get the proper one with several remeasures a bit like getting a Saville Row Suit I hear.

    BUT the helmet lets her live some sort of life. We go on about 2 dates a week, have been married for 20 years. I am so proud of her she is a pioneer like Thomas and we are in love. With Jayne living in an Epilepsy care home our marriage isnt the way we planned it but we have adapted and it works for us.

    We have just started a project to Make a difference to the lives of people with Epilepsy in the East of London, and I am really excited as its the first time we have worked together to create something that matters.
    John x

    • Tammy Slaven says:

      Hi John, my son is 24 he has myclonic jerks and tonic clonic seizures. he has had seizures since he was 13. He has had several head cuts this past yr. The worst one was this past Saturday nite. He split his nose open to the bone. Took 2 hrs to sew him up. With a cpl smaller cuts to be sewed up also. I have been looking online for a helmet for him. I was just wondering if you could give me some ideas for helmets for a 24 old.

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